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10 Stunts
That Caught the Eye

Dec. 16, 2002
Book of Lists 2002

1. Taco Bell Target at World Series
It sank from the jostling by boating baseball fans crowding the San Francisco Bay, yet Taco Bell got more publicity from its soaked signage (planned by Douglas Cohn & Wolfe) than a litter of talking Chihuahuas could rouse – a PR home run.

2. Mark Cuban at Dairy Queen
There's nothing better than seeing the rich and powerful eat a bite of humble pie, but in Cuban's case, a Blizzard will do. When the bad-boy owner of the Dallas Mavericks deigned to serve soft-serve for the day, he created a good photo-op, but also sweetened his image.

3. Push, Nevada
LA-based ADD was hired to create a guerrilla campaign to promote the ABC series Push, Nevada. Determined to make the town seem real, ADD placed the Push, NV hockey team outside the Good Morning America window. GMA weatherman Tony Perkins even held up a jersey on air. Still it couldn't save the show from the getting the axe.

4. Acclaim Entertainment - Turok Naming
Acclaim offered a $10,000 savings bond to any couple that gave birth to a child on the day of the release of video game Turok: Evolution, and named the child Turok for at least one year. One hundred forty couples registered, dozens of outlets covered the story, but no baby was born on the day, giving Acclaim lots of publicity for the price of a release.

5. Got Milk?
Sometimes the best stunts are created by the media. Despite not even having a press release, the California Milk Processor Board gained the spotlight after the fourth estate discovered that the organization was trying to get a town to rename itself Got Milk? to celebrate the famous campaign's 10-year anniversary. It got widespread coverage.

6. Parking Elvii
We're a sucker for a good Elvis–even if it is from the later jumpsuit days. So Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport earns accolades for hiring a dozen King impersonators to direct traffic and keep travelers from getting all shook up after the airport opened new parking lots and installed traffic signs.

7. Fontainebleau II's "Great Masters Project"
The Fontainebleau is a new residential project in Miami Beach intent on cultivating an image as a "masterpiece" of residential living. To promote that perception, the developers commissioned as a series of reproductions of great works of art (think Monet's Water Lilies) on the wall surrounding the construction site, complete with night lighting. The media loved it, and featured some works from concept to creation.

8. Ride of the Backhoes
Florida-based O'Connell & Goldberg found a creative way to freshen up a groundbreaking. Determined to highlight that two groups of doctors were joining forces to build a new cancer center, the agency planned for two backhoes featuring the MDs' logos to cross paths while scooping dirt – a much more powerful visual than the usual shovel.

9. World's Largest Shrimp Cocktail
For the opening of the Seafood For Less fish market in Las Vegas, Preferred Public Relations created the world's largest shrimp cocktail for the Guinness Book of World Records – incorporating 400,000 shrimp.

10. Dunlop Tires Sumo Smack Down
In one corner was 720-pound Emanuel Yarbrough (the world's heaviest living athlete). In the other was 520-pound James Perry (defending North American Amateur Sumo Champion). During a free lunchtime show in downtown Toronto, the two wrestlers drew a crowd of more than 2,500. But where was the Michelin Man?


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